"Our mind, as it is, would not be able to do what the child's mind does. To develop a language from nothing needs a different type of mentality. This the child has. His intelligence is not of the same kind as ours"
- Maria Montessori.


Message from Director

Hiranthi Abayaratna (Director of Honeycomb Learning Center, AMI Netherland, AMI.CA)

Dear Honeycomb parents and staff,

I am very delighted to announce the opening of HoneyComb Learning Center in Cerritos. It brings me much happiness to see such bright minds and excited parents at the start of the school year. I'd first like to express much gratitude to all of the hard-working faculty: teachers and staff alike who have supported HoneyComb Learning Center every step of the way and allowed our curriculum to be accessed by those intrigued to learn. I'd also like to thank all the kind parents and alumni who have dedicated so much of their time spreading all the words of HoneyComb Learning Center.

At the start of this new year I'd like to remind all parents and faculty that learning is a team effort: it begins at home and carries onward into the classroom. It is our job as educators and parents to recognize our students/childrens needs. The young mind in these early stages are easily influenced and can shape the core of these young individuals that will be carried on later in life.

At HoneyComb we provide a safe, loving, challenging environment that allows the child to actively learn, we ask parents to aim to do the same. Just like seeds, students need the right amount of care, discipline, and love to sprout and become acceling students. It is my goal to make sure every single student is prospering along with their peers at a higher learning standard. I look forward to working with all of you to enjoy a successful fun-filled year at Honeycomb Learning Center.


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Teddy Your child is special and has a unique personality that must be adressed and encouraged in order to reach his or her full potential and maximize academic success. Here at HoneyComb Learning Center we believe education is not just a supplement, but a lifestyle that impacts a child's aptitude, character, and success as an individual of tomorrow.

Our programs have been designed from kindergarten through elementary to strengthen each student socially, mentally, physicially and academically. We pride ourselves on our application of Dr.Maria Montessori's philosophy, that allows us to consider the entire potential of your child and develop a highly individualized curriculum utilizing unique teaching tools to aide the mastery of concepts and artistry.

With the guidance of highly trained proffessional teachers we offer a wide array of courses from language arts and writing skills to mathematics and computer skills. Our teachers work very hard to make sure each and every child gets his or her own individual attention and progresses everyday. It's our promise at Honeycomb Learning Center to provide a well rounded quality education that will shape our students with the gift to accel in their education