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Further, Honeycomb tutoring center will be a one stop learning center for students to learn

Who are we

Hiranthi Abayaratna has been serving Cerritos as a renowned Montessori Teacher and Director for 15 years. (A.M.I. Netherland, I.M.I. C.A) With 25 years of experience as a teacher, Hiranthi developed a unique hands on curriculum using Dr.Maria Montessori's method of education.

This method enables KindergartnerS' to enhance their academic Performance and achieve a 3rd grade level standard. Hiranthi has opened 'Honeycomb Tutoring Center' in order to create an innovative learning environment which can give each individual student the tools and guidance they need to develop study skill and spark creativity.

All activities have been designed to strengthen each student socially, mentally, physically and academically. With her experienced sta, Hiranthi hopes to give a well rounded foundation as well as a fun-lled year to all students attending Honeycomb Tutoring Center.