My daughter transferred from Fairmont private school to Hiranthi’s Montessori. She surpassed my expectations and she has a stronger curriculum than that of private schools…
-Nitesh Patel (Chair)
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I wanted to express my gratitude for all your hard work educating my children. Your program has established the foundation for their learning future. I thank you for creating a fun and loving environment that encouraged my children to learn. Their kindergarten teachers were delighted to see how advanced they were in their work. I am grateful for everything your program has done to prepare my children educationally and socially.
-Albert Rhee

Through Hiranthi's excellent curriculum my 4 year child has improved tremendously in his over all academic knowledge. Hiranthi and her loyal staff took great personal care of my young child. They made his time safe and very pleasant home away from home. Compared to other preschool and Montessori he has got more personal attention. I strongly recommend her program.
-Dr. Swati Gandhi & Shreays Gandhi